Toshi's Teriyaki

Fresh Grill Before Serving

Why choose Toshi's Teriyaki in Renton, WA?

Toshi's Teriyaki - Chicken Teriyaki

Toshi Sauce (Our Teriyaki Sauce)

Toshi’s Teriyaki teriyaki sauce combines well with good quality chicken.

Tasteful grill chicken teriyaki.

We sell our teriyaki and salad sauces.

Teriyaki near me - Toshi's Teriyaki

Traditional Teriyaki Sauce

Traditional teriyaki sauce is what other teriyaki places use.

Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp and More.

Our menu provides photos for our customers.

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Toshi's Teriyaki, Renton, WA 98056

Business Hours

Monday11 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday11 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday11 AM – 9 PM
Thursday11 AM – 9 PM
Friday11 AM – 9 PM
Saturday11 AM – 9 PM

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